About Us


c0 is the speed of light inside an empty space


As photographers,CG artists and retouchers we constantly look after light,the way it shapes objects,models and transforms them differently depending on its direction.
That’s what we do,we will put light on your ideas and shape them in the best way possible.

Our Team

Leonardo Dentico

Creative Retoucher

Claudio Errico

3D Generalist

Roberto Costantini



Commercial & Advertising Photography


We’ll shoot all you need! Our 400mq Studio near to Rome is big enough to shoot almost anything,may it be people,plants,dogs or glasses,we have strobes and we’re not afraid to use them.

Creative Retouch & Mattepaint

We can put a zebra on the back of a lion flying on a Canyon in full night,and it won’t get hurt. Impressed?


Stop living in the dinosaurs’ era,3D has come to a long way and it is now a standard,contact us with something surreal you can’t shoot,and we’ll just create it,from zero.

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